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Welcome to Soundwaves of Tampa

Welcome to Soundwaves of Tampa, your #1 source in the greater Tampa bay area to make all of your automotive dreams a reality. We have 30+ yrs of combined experience and have had numerous award winning installations which have also been featured in some of the World's top publications. Our expert staff can guide you through the whole customizing process featuring today’s top products.

At Soundwaves of Tampa, we specialize in giving your ears the best musical experience they deserve. We are the only full Authorized Audison Thesis dealer in the greater Tampa Bay area, with the worlds second Full Digital Audio (FDA) stereo, an Audi A5 featuring an Audison Thesis digital package that will enlighten your ears. At Soundwaves of Tampa we also specialize in performance modifications, appearance upgrades, wheels/tires, interiors, alarms/remote starts, full restorations and, metal/wood/composite fabrication.

Our technicians have been expertly trained to work on your exotic, luxury, suv, truck or compact car and can also perform installs on boats, motorcycles, rv's and limos. At Soundwaves of Tampa, we have something for everybody, so please don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation.