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Service & Installation

At Soundwaves we strive to always give our customers the very best products and service possible. Every install includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY and we guarantee to get it done right the first time.

Soundwaves Brag Stats:

  • Over 30 years of custom audio installation experience
  • All installers are Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) Certified
  • 2nd in the world to complete a Full Digital Audio Sound System

Character and Style. This is what Soundwaves encompasses in all our projects. We refine and produce precision work according to our customers needs. We tailor to your indiviual needs and offer industry leading technoloy with innovative custom enhancements ranging from basic to extreme applications.

Soundwaves is located in Tampa, Florida, which caters to a multtude of high-end car enthusiasts as well as everyday drivers.

Your vechile is our canvas and like many great world-renowned artists we can create a one of a kind masterpiece for you to enjoy and cherish.